Same disagreements, same tone, same part of the kernel.. As a user, it’s unbelievable to me that these guys have so much time on their hand for childish flamewars. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 24, Posted Nov 27, It has become clear that out-of-tree drivers often do not get any better until they are merged; meanwhile, users want those drivers and distributors are shipping them.

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Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky was also involved into why it turned bad. Posted Nov 14, Posted Nov 20, It would avoid the confusion which can come from having two drivers for the same hardware in the tree, and it would minimize the risk of losing important fixes which have been applied to the in-tree code.

Posted Nov 13, The advantages of improving the current driver, rather than duplicating some of its functionality in a new code base, are clear.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX: Empia EM28xx USB video capture support

At that time nothing was a problem because there were only analog devices available. In the process, the new driver could receive some much-needed attention from other developers. A quick review of some of the history is in order here. Posted Nov 12, 0: In my opinion it’s pretty much hopeless trying to convert the current em28xx driver into what you have. That’s all water under the bridge.


Only after this effort was well underway did Markus begin developing yet liux in-kernel driver. It could easily be that this was mistaken though.

EM28xx cards list — Linux Media Subsystem Documentation documentation

Now continue reading with the article ontop of it. Experience with drivers merged under this policy has generally been positive; once those drivers head for the mainline, they get more attention and tend to improve quickly. Liunx this code was not merged. Posted Nov 26, I just want to avoid spending hours on it again.

It’s all about friendship there, A likes B instead of C even if C has better stuff and supporters, so A will wait till B completes his stuff, and C will be pushed away as long as possible without clean reviews or something else, this is just the way how it works out.

This was one possibility yes, but I also pointed out that the already available i2c-dev infrastructure could directly be used with the driver for setting up chips.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/media/video/em28xx

If the code doesn’t get maintained and becomes unusable, we just drop it back out. Let’s just agree that you guys disagreed, and move forward. I wanted to do lniux. It takes very little time to conduct a childish flamewar.

Recent Drivers  DELUX DLV - B 33 DRIVER

It’s a huge amount of work that no one wants em28xc do and in this case with very little benefit. The userspace driver attempt.

CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX: Empia EM28xx USB video capture support

So now the userspace stuff comes in thinking about how to open up that project again so that work can be used with the existing kernel. Of lunux, losing “authority” over code is inherent in releasing that code under a license like the GPL.

This one also seemed to fail to meet kernel code quality standards last time I checked, mainly due to incorporating large chunks of third-party code. So it would seem that everybody’s interests are served by getting those drivers into the mainline tree. This was basically my try to make development liberal and not driven by one linx person.

There is no liinux really to rehash all the old stuff, and to blame person a or person b or person c.

Posted Nov 12, 9: Hans promised to work with the community on Reiserfs and so after long deliberation emm28xx was included in kernel. Posted Nov 24,