Mon Nov 03, 7: But I would like to hear user experiences first hand. Doing RAID 0 in software really isn’t a big deal. However, I have tried the following: It goes without saying that I am keeping my fingers crossed. In terms of performance with two disks in RAID 0, the difference should be negligible.

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Promise Technology Inc. FastTrak Tx PCI IDE Controller Card | eBay

To invoke a relevant question: Hope it’s ok now. It used to work fine with that config.

Another bit of info: Fasttrak tx2000 was thinking of upgrading the fasttrak faasttrak – since it hangs even before loading windows. Doing RAID 0 in software really isn’t a big deal. I bought a TX raid card during the weekend.

I havent had much time to play around vasttrak it hence I am asking suggestions from the hive mind. Tue Nov 04, 7: I suppose that is the same thing fasttrak tx2000 making SCSI boot as the last option???

And fasttrak tx2000 I say boot it could be either a cold boot or a warm boot. Need some help regarding fasttrak tx2000 problems with TX Mon Nov 03, 7: Try moving the Fasttrack card to a different PCI slot. But I would like to hear user experiences first hand. Glad I could help. I updated the bios and driver and so far it seems to be running ok.


I’d start with the card in the Fasttrak tx2000 slot furthest from the cpu. Neither here nor there Registered: Here is the problem: They are not boot disks.

Yes, I have read many reviews which say that there really isnt much of a difference both in the data fasttrak tx2000 and CPU utilitization. I have an older card though.

Promise Technology Inc. FastTrak Tx2000 PCI IDE Controller Card

I suppose if it is possible the raid card will act just like a Ultra or Ultra Mon Nov 03, 8: However, I have tried the following: The hardware solution can fqsttrak superior in other ways, though, such as the fact that things other than Windows can fasttrak tx2000 it.

What I am asking is did I just blow away cash on the fasttrak card instead of relying on just the OS? The two GB’s are both set as masters on different channels i. If it runs without any hiccups over the week I will assume that it fasttrak tx2000 ok otherwise I will look for other solutions during the weekend. I fasttrak tx2000 tell you why fasgtrak this td2000 better I just know it’s worked for me.


Promise FastTrak TX2000 Controller Review

I already had fasttrak tx2000 Ultra card on that same slot to which was connected the original GB I had. T status indicating that it is fasttrak tx2000 to die! It goes without saying that Fastttrak am keeping my fingers crossed.

Tue Nov 04, Updating the BIOS also speeds up the boot process a lot. The above errors do not happen in that particular sequence.